BMW Z4 M Coupe Art Car, Liquitex acrylic paint, Enamel
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Scatha, The Process

While I began with a colored pencil sketch, it quickly became clear that only drawing on the actual car would provide a composition that could be viewed successfully from all angles. After washing the factory paint I drew the basic lines with dry erase markers. Next I continued the layout with acrylic paint, in several coats for refinement and thickness. Then a quick clearcoat to catalyze the paint and make it stronger. Then the first enamel lines, to finalize the composition. Then many coats leading to the final paint colors. Then final linework, and gloss clearcoating. Some special textures, metallic and flat, were used selectively over the clearcoat. 

In 2013 Scatha underwent a subtle revision to the midtone mountain colors on the driver side. I am currently studying superior methods of clearcoating, using Liquitex's High Gloss Varnish, on Tribute. This will be retroactively applied to Scatha at a later date. Scatha will also be undergoing compositional improvements, utilizing techniques I developed during the Tribute project.