BMW Z4 M Coupe Art Car, Liquitex acrylic paint, Enamel
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Tribute, The Concept

Tribute, as the name suggests, was created to honor the Studebaker Avanti. It incorporates key elements of the model's design, racing history, lifestyle and artistic influences - using the body of the car as a window to reflect another time and place.

The style of painting is my Formal Impressionism. The focus is similar to traditional Impressionism with regard to color, but also includes a focus on line to further express movement, mood and specificity of the subject. More detail of the philosophy of Formal Impressionism can be found at

Only a few of the Avanti's sparse, fluid body lines are used in Tribute's composition. This is to not detract from Raymond Loewy's pure design language, and also to express the concept of looking through the body's surface by having my design elements echo, but not sync, with his. Many of the design elements are doubled to enhance the sense of movement. Some are offset through line, others through variations in the subordinate tones. There are also subtle progressions, particularly in the hood and trunk, of hue that serve to move the eye without using line.