BMW Z4 M Coupe Art Car, Liquitex acrylic paint, Enamel
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Tribute, In Detail

Tribute is chock-full of details. All are specific references; researched to be relevant and as accurate as possible, then stylized to interract with the rest of the composition. 

A list of elements used on the car is as follows:
The Bonneville Salt Flats and mountains,  Paula Murphy's #9 and "Sears-Studebaker" cars, Granatelli's Due Cento and #8 cars, Ron Hall's #1963, Bill Burke's #88 then #90 (actually 6 of this cars liveries through different owners are represented on Tribute), David Livesay's #1112, Dave Bloomberg's #1963, Jim Lange's #9431, Bill Brandt's #60, a Cessna 411, a B-52 launching an X-15, the six original Avanti colors, clouds of dust from the hood badge, Bonneville's black chalk centerline, Hollywood Boulevard, the Studebaker "S" Logo, hand-painted black and silver hubcap scallops Loewy House's deck, swimming pool, windows, privacy glass and patio cover, Ursula Andreas, The Riviera Hotel, The Coechella Valley Bank, Salton Sea North Shore Yacht Club, The Monkey Tree, The Chi Chi Room, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Sherman's, The Mission Inn, Mann's Chinese Theater, Hody's, The (Wilshire) Brown Derby, The Biltmore Hotel, Playboy Club LA, The Broadway, Griffith Observatory, The Hollywood Bowl. The Troubador, Musso-Frank's Grill, Cinerama Dome, Hollywood's Walk of Fame, a martini glass sign to reference Ian Fleming's Avanti ownership, Pink Pu$ycat, Los Angeles City Hall, Union Station, Capitol Records, Pantages, Pandora's Box, LAX, Lawrey's, the Victory Drive-In, El Rey, ABC's Vine St. Theater, Route 66, Pacific Ocean Park, NBC studios, CBS composite logo, The Palladium, 2nd Street tunnel and the Miracle Mile sign.

Two Avanti base materials are sublty used in the composition. The body's fiberglass is exposed (under clearcoat) in themirage shadows on the salt below Hall's 1963. And the metal of the cowl grill was left unpainted anywhere it would have been painted black, to highlight the natural beauty of the material.