BMW Z4 M Coupe Art Car, Liquitex acrylic paint, Enamel
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Tribute, Interior

Due to neglect under the "care" of a former mechanic, Tribute's interior was trashed, as was the trunk. I lucked out and got ahold of a full interior kit using the rare OEM metallic red vinyl. Through local networking I found an experienced installer who was willing to work in my garage, as the car was on blocks at the time and undrivable. He knocked out all the tough stuff. I did odds and ends like repairing the visors, upper console gasket and rear speaker cover, cleaning lenses and rubber parts. My wife did most of the stainless window trim polishing prior to me re-installing them. I also installed (or fabricated) new weatherstripping, and completely cleaned, chemically-treated and painted the rust-soaked trunk.