BMW Z4 M Coupe Art Car, Liquitex acrylic paint, Enamel
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Tribute, The Driver Side Concept

Tribute's Driver Side composition honors those who raced the Studebaker Avanti and set records, for decades longer than the lifespan of the car's production, and the Bonneville Salt Flats where many of these records were set. The mountains of Bonneville are reflected in the Driver Side while it simultaneously reflects sections of each honored cars' livery. Each of these sections then overlaps the adjacent sections which creates a complex arrangement of color shifting, further enhancing the sense of speed.

Specific Avantis used are: Paula Murphy's #9 and "Sears-Studebaker" cars, Granatelli's Due Cento and #8 cars, Ron Hall's #1963, Bill Burke's #88 then #90 (actually 6 of this cars liveries through different owners are represented on Tribute), David Livesay's #1112, Dave Bloomberg's #1963, Jim Lange's #9431 and Bill Brandt's #60.

The C Pillar and roof feature a Cessna 411, a nod to civil aviation's relationship to the Avanti, and a B-52 launching an X-15 experimental manned rocket plane, representing the aerospace-derived technology and forward thinking that influenced the Avanti's design. The X-15 project was, like all elements in Tribute's composition, a contemporary of Avanti development.

The hood references the Bonneville salt through the texture and movement of the lines on the hood, doubled to blur progressively rearward, as well as the atmosphere of the desert in early morning through color reflected in the salt and sunrise behind the Bonneville mountains wrapped around to the nose. The six original Avanti colors are portrayed withing the hood badge, the points of which kick up clouds of dust as a nod to speed. The jagged black chalk line that marks the center divider of the “lane” at Bonneville overlaps the dashed yellow line marking the center divider of Sunset Boulevard. This is the transition point across the hood to the Passenger Side composition.